The Decadence Wine Pairing Cookie Collection

Fruit ChocolatesIf you have wine we have the perfect complimentary cookie!  Our cookies are sensuous, butter based creations that are not too sweet and super high in flavor.  We have designed our cookies to match all of your favorite varietals.
The Decadence cookie creations are made from pure ingredients, just fresh eggs, butter, sugar and flour.  And, of course,  fun and interesting flavors.

Our wine pairing cookies are great for favors, dessert tables, gift baskets and winery parties.  A variety of sizes are available.  Retail and wholesale pricing.

Red Wine Cookie Parings

Deep Dark Collection for Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel
This selection of strong flavored non sweet cookies is best paired with your bold wines.  Whether fruity or spicy we have a complimentary cookie.

Chocolate Black Pepper – A rich, dark barely sweet chocolate with black pepper.
Indian Outtake – A buttery spiced cookie with coriander and masala flavors.
Super Spice – Lots of spice and heat in this nontraditional shortbread.
Seeds of Many – A cookie that thinks it is a cracker.  Poppy, fennel, anise and sesame seeds permeate this light and crunchy texture.

Smooth and Fruity Collection for Pinot Noir, Merlot and Sangiovese
This selection of delicate but not at all boring cookies is best paired with your light to medium red wines.

Fruit Chocolates Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, Cherry or Apricot– We customize this cookie with fruit of your choice to micro match your wine. This is a soft cookie that may be fruity but is not shy.
Cherry Anise & Chocolate Almond Biscotti  – A crunchy cookie packed full of interesting flavors.  Not just for your coffee.
Sesame Seed Wafers – More seed than cookie with just a hint of honey.  May sound odd with a red wine, but the strong sesame flavor pairs well with smoky, earthy flavors.
Chocolate Mint This has enough chocolate to make any chocolate lover happy with just a hint of mint to remind you of  wines herbaceous origins.

White Wine Cookie Parings

Warm Summer Day Collection for Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio and Sparkling Wine
Orange Almond SablesA delicate French shortbread with a light almond flavor and a hint of orange.

Lemon Poppy Seed – A butter rich cookie with even compliments of lemon and poppy.

Coconut Clouds  – An airy little bit of the tropics delicate with a light coconut flavor.

Delectable Collection for Rose, Viognier and Chardonnay
Ginger Lime SandiesA Scottish shortbread with equally strong refreshing flavors. Crunchy and buttery.
Pistachio White Chocolate CrispsA skinny biscotti that shows off its fancy green nuts.
Orange RosemaryThis is a comfort cookie strong flavors that are both warm and inviting.
Lemon Thyme
– Fresh out of the garden, it is both herby and citrus.

Dessert Wine Cookie Parings

Sweet Endings Collection for Muscat, Late harvest Rieslings
Orange Blossom SableAn earthy cookie with an orange musky essence.
Honey Ginger More flavor than sweet a nice compliment for a dessert wine.
Vanilla Lavender – A lightly sweet, delicate cookie with the scent of a Santa Ynez summer.