Flavors & Frostings

Decadence loves cake!  We are famous for consistently providing the most flavorful and beautiful cakes and desserts.  We have a limitless number of flavors and textures that can be combined to create a cake that is unique to your event.  We love special requests!  If you have a special flavor or recipe we can turn it into a special cake or dessert.

This list is a sampling of the most popular flavor combinations:

  • Champagne cake with strawberry preserves
  • Vanilla genoise with vanilla Bavarian cream and raspberry preserves
  • Chocolate butter with chocolate mousse
  • Triple lemon cream
  • Chocolate genoise cake with caramel mousse
  • Vanilla butter with French vanilla custard and fresh strawberries
  • Polynesian carrot cake with cheesecake filling
  • Coconut cake with passion fruit Bavarian cream
  • Orange chiffon with vanilla Bavarian cream  and passion fruit curd
  • Hummingbird cake with mango Bavarian cream
  • Rum cake with vanilla Bavarian cream
  • Double whiskey cake
  • Red Velvet

We also create European Traditional Cakes including  the Opera Torte, Marjolaine, Princess Cake, Sacher Torte, Croquembouche and Black Forest Cake

Cake Frostings


Decadence is famous for buttercream!   Our Italian meringue buttercream is creamy and light with just enough sweetness.  Dark chocolate and white chocolate butter creams are also available.  Our buttercreams can be flavored or tinted.


Fondant is a sugar paste icing that is firm and marshmallow sweet.  It provides a smooth covering and is ideal for coloring and molding.


Ganache is a rich frosting or filling created from heavy cream and chocolate.  It can be made with dark, semisweet, milk, white or gianduja chocolate.

Floral Decorations

Flowers can add another colorful element to your celebration. Decadence can hand-sculpt flowers and other decorations from sugar paste and fondant or we will work closely with your florist to create a unified theme for your cake. We are happy to recommend a local florist for your event. If using fresh flowers in the cake design Decadence prefers to complete the placement of the flowers on the cake.