Dessert Table

A  dessert buffet provides guests with an amazing array of sweets.  The colors, shapes and textures of decadent treats will add  a spectacular ending to any wedding or special event!  Buffets can be sophisticated with fresh fruit tarts, lemon meringues, champagne profiteroles, French macarons, petit fours and truffles or more American traditional with pies, cookies and bars of brownies, lemon and key lime.  There is no end to the collections of cakes, tarts, confections and cookies that can be combined to excite and satisfy all of your guests.

A few of our signature miniature desserts include decadence diamonds, berry & custard tarts, pecan caramels, lemon raspberry meringues, orange macadamia salt caramels, exotic marshmallows, passion fruit jewels, peanut butter ganache tarts and champagne cakes.